Crystal Rose is the musical group of Lori Schneider and Jody Wexler. They met through an advertisement posted in a local music store, and a unique connection was felt between them immediately during their first phone conversation in November, 1993. Crystal Rose started performing as a cover band in 1994 and began to slowly incorporate some original material into their repertoire. In 1998 Joe Cesare joined the band as bass guitarist, and in March 2002.

In addition to performing regularly at coffee houses, bookshops, festivals and other venues which support original artists, they earned a place in the finals of the WBAB "Homegrown" competition, and were semi-finalists in the Long Island Music Festival in 1994 and 1996. They have opened up for national acts such as Boston-based blueswoman Toni-Lynn Washington, singer-songwriter Tom Paxton and 80's British pop-rock group Modern English. Crystal Rose has also had the honor of singing the National Anthem at Shea Stadium and performing in such venues as the IMAC theater of Huntington and the John Cranford Adams Playhouse at Hofstra University. Additionally, Crystal Rose has been mentioned in Billboard magazine and was cited as one of Long Island's top bands in Newsday.

The angelic harmonies of Crystal Rose are their musical signature, and along with both playing acoustic guitars, Jody playing harmonica and Lori playing flute, they continually strive to utilize these musical vehicles to break out of categorical limitations.

If it were possible to create a musical category that combines pop, rock, and folk with a dash of Celtic and Gothic, then maybe Crystal Rose could find a home. Until then, they will remain in a category of their own, perhaps best defined by those who listen.

Lori Schneider

Lori Schneider has been performing since an early age. She began primarily as a vocalist with big bands singing standards in many influential venues within the tri-state area. During the next several years she performed in an array of rock and blues-oriented groups. After a longing desire for artistic expression, Crystal Rose was formed 10 years ago. Her talents as a songwriter, as well as her multi-instrumental capabilities were explored and developed. She has formally studied classical guitar, flute and piano over the past 15 years. The eclectic repertoire of Crystal Rose is a result of the strong influences from classical, rock, folk and world music. Between her musical endeavors Lori has managed to obtain college degrees in both Business Administration and Psychology and graduated with honors as Valedictorian. When not performing or writing, she is committed to her private music teaching  practice .

Jody Wexler

Jody Wexler has been interested in music and theatre for as long as she can remember. She began playing the clarinet at the age of 11 and regularly participated in theatre productions throughout her schooling. Her love of creating vocal harmonies and collaborative singing was honed and developed in school chorus and deepened further when Crystal Rose was formed. Jody has taken some formal guitar lessons on and off over the years but is primarily self-taught. Jody's wacky sense of humor brings out the comical side of Crystal Rose. She enjoys using her voice in an unusual way during performances. One of her most requested sounds is the "dog bark" which can be heard on one of the "Weaver's Tapestry" tracks (Alley Park).


Joe Cesare

Joe Cesare has performed on both bass and electric guitars in a variety of New York based bands in the last several years including "The Chester Brothers", "Smokey Bones Band" and "Roses Cantina", to name a few. He played in the road outfits "Sircus", "Synergy" and "The Cleftones" in the early nineties.



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